MASTERS® NO LEAK™ is an economical pipe thread sealant that can be used on both plastic and metal threaded connections.

  • Comes as a clean easy-to-use paste.
  • Will not separate or dry out in the container.
  • Does not drip or run.
  • Lubricates during assembly.
  • Won’t set up hard - joints part easily.
  • Prevents galling and seizing of threaded connections.
  • Withstands high and low pressures and temperatures.
  • Stir well.
  • Do NOT dilute.
  • Threads must be clean.
  • Apply to Male Threads beginning at second thread back.
MASTERS® NO LEAK™ is recommended for:
  • Air
  • CO2
  • Oils
  • Refrigerants (most)
  • Water
Catalogue Number Description Net Contents
Quantity per Case Approximate Case Shipping Weight 
NL250BT 250ml (approx. 1/2 pt) Brush-Top 340 G 25 26 Lbs 11.8 KG
NL1L 1 Litre (approx. 1 qt) 1.25 KG 6 39 Lbs 17.7 KG
NL20L 20 Litres (approx. 5 gal) 25 KG 1 58 Lbs 26.4 KG
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